I follow the fishing as the seasons change throughout the year, as fishing opportunities come and go. In early spring, I will be fishing steelhead in the Lake Ontario tributaries. When the opportunities present themselves, I will make a few side trips to fish the inland trout streams during the Hendrickson hatch. I will stay with the tributaries fishing steelhead until mid May, then move to the inland trout streams and spring creeks for the summer.

By late August or early September, I will be back to the tributaries for the beginning of the salmon run.

Winter will find me fishing both the tributaries and the open trout streams and spring creeks.

Tributary Fishing Schedule

Winter - Mid-MaySteelhead
Early SpringBrown Trout
Mid May - Late AugustTrout
Late August - Mid-OctoberSalmon
Mid October - Mid-DecemberSteelhead and Brown Trout

Guide Details

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Fall Brown Trout Fishing: Brown trout runs peak from mid-October to late November.