Brown Trout: One of the greatest events of the Great Lakes is the fall brown trout run.

The Chinook Salmon Fly Box 4: It's time to talk about what flies I like for salmon fishing.

Early Fall Salmon: How I go about fishing the salmon run.

Fall Brown Trout Fishing: Each year Lake Ontario will experience a fall run of Brown trout. These lake run Browns are big for Brown trout.

Fishing the Egg Drift: Mid-October is a busy time for Lake Ontario tributaries. Not just for fishermen, but for the fish as well.

Getting The Lead Out: By mid to late spring the water temperatures are warming up and the steelhead are becoming more active.

High Water Steelhead Fishing: Fishing the high water is not as intimidating as the rivers may look.

Keeping Warm: Staying warm and comfortable is the real challenge to winter fishing.

Presentation: Presenting the fly with the dead drift, down and across, and high sticking methods.

Spey Rods and Fishing: We were having the normal challenges of fishing the Salmon River in high water. I made a suggestion that we give spey rods a try. After about an hour and two bright steelhead, they both made the remark, that these spey rods are real river tamers

Steelhead and the Stonefly: Steelhead have a definite soft spot for stone flies. In rivers where the flies are present, such as the Salmon River, stone flies can be as important as egg flies are during the peak of the spawning season, and at times more effective.

Tips for Fall Fishing: When summer is all but over, we all eagerly wait for the first of the fall's fish to exit the lake and enter many of the rivers.

Using Spey rods and Switch rods on the Great Lakes: The use of spey rods and switch rods has, in the Great Lakes, created a revolution in the way we are pursuing our Lake run fish.

Winter Flyfishing: Despite the cold of winter, the snow and ice, there is no reason to put the fly rod away for the winter. Fly-fishing during the winter can provide as many opportunities as the winter weather can provide in challenges.